Hotel contracting

My experience in the tourism industry, as a Hotel Contract Manager, led me to devote myself to tourism consulting aimed at Tour Operators.

The first step is an in-depth business analysis to identify any areas for improvement; then we come up with concrete solutions and new business models that adhere to the changing tourism reality.

Our main goal is to understand the client’s needs and his or her view of the market, as well as to analyze the competitive fabric with which he or she will need to deal.
For these reasons, our clients decide to rely on outside professionals who specialize in the tourism sector with a concomitant reduction in operating and personnel costs.

Export sales

In the area of foreign business development, BYM! acts as a point of reference for companies by constantly monitoring the business opportunities present, with the aim of proposing services in line with the specific needs of each individual company. To offer modular and customized services, BYM! uses in-house resources and a network of reliable and experienced consultants for specific professional services (legal, tax and administrative firms, customs brokers, communication agencies).

Our “plus” is the dense network of contacts with important players in the global market (importers and distributors, brokers, agents, transporters, etc.).
The activity consists, in particular, of identifying and selecting potential local partners who possess the characteristics best suited to meet the specific needs of the applicant enterprise.