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To manufacturers of consumer goods, we generally recommend to analyze foreign markets through some Product Tests.


For a greater effectiveness and a strategic cost containment, through Area Test and Simulated Market Test, we’ll be able, along with foreign importers, to estimate and define the potential of each product in the different market segments.


Through an Area Test, the launch of the product is commercially or geographically limited and the primary goal is to reflect the results obtained over the entire target market (in terms of sales, seasonality, effects on competitors and other portfolio products) . The part of the market affected by the test, may be geographically defined (one City, one County, one State), or set on the basis of the products (one line, one product, one brand).


More oriented to an extensive quantitative analysis of a new product market potentiality (or variant of an existing product) are the Simulated Market Test (SMT). This category of tests involves quantitative surveys that, on the basis of a Product Test, evaluate he product potentiality in a new market. This kind analysis was created to reduce the variables limitations imposed by the Area Tests which, however, for certain products / markets, may be more appropriate.

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