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Finding the path forward is our objective for your Company’s future.

Assisting your company to …Be Your Miracle! in today’s interconnected world!


Our dedication is to companies that do not have internal structure or a plan of action for strategic exportation of goods, as well as, companies seeking to enter new niche markets in an efficient and effective manner.


Exportation requires specific skills in many areas including marketing communication strategies, food safety systems, international agreements, customs clearance, working knowledge of local government agencies requirements, classifications, duty rates and international logistics.


As your Trade Partner, BYM! will develop customized and standard operational tools for you to manage all aspects of your global trade and the compliance of your operating procedures.


Globalization of products requires strategic searching for localized partnerships; in particular, for the marketing of products, precise knowledge of the local markets is essential.


Distribution channels are regionally or provincially characterized by the presence of the importer/distributor and/or by large distribution companies that are sourcing locally and directly from importers who actually hold the import rights.


The search for partners can be achieved directly, through participation in trade missions, trade fairs or workshops held throughout the Italian territory which seek to register the participation of foreign buyers.

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