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Welcome to BYM!, your export market management experts!

The challenges of globalization demand hands on strong real-time adaptive business expertise organized with cultural,  linguistic knowledge and face to face presence!

FDA Registration, FDA Renewal, ISO 22000, Made in Italy Export, Food & Beverage, Medical Devices Database and Repertory - NSIS Registration, Food Safety Management System

Who We Are



We are an export consulting firm, established by a talented group of professionals with insight and enthusiasm and a wide range of experience in International Trade. In a dynamic and competitive economic environment, our goal is to create real growth and expansion opportunities for our clients into new countries.

To meet the challenge of globalization, strong business expertise is essential, as well as organizational and language knowledge. In order to create and enhance new business activities across national borders, we can support your new global challenges, through collaboration with foreign trade partners.

Our Services 



Our dedication is to companies that do not have internal structure or a plan of action for strategic exportation of goods, as well as, companies seeking to enter new niche markets in an efficient and effective manner.

Exportation requires specific skills in many areas including marketing communication strategies, food safety systems, international agreements, customs clearance, working knowledge of local government agencies requirements, classifications, duty rates and international logistics.

Our Customers



We know needs and expectations of our customers. We solve their problems by responding to their needs, showing them all our efforts and attention in order to create an exclusive and long-lasting relationship.




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