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We are an export consulting firm, established by a talented group of professionals with insight and enthusiasm and a wide range of experience in International Trade. In a dynamic and competitive economic environment, our goal is to create real growth and expansion opportunities for our clients into new countries.


To meet the challenge of globalization, strong business expertise is essential, as well as organizational and language knowledge. In order to create and enhance new business activities across national borders, we can support your new global challenges, through collaboration with foreign trade partners.


The development of exports is now, more than ever, a key factor for the growth of the Companies.


As you know, in today’s world, developing and maintaining an international distribution network requires high professional skills and significant costs. That’s why we want to work as your partner and outsourcer for implementing an efficient export strategy, and offering a new more streamlined and profitable approach to your Export Business.


BYM! is also one of the few Italian companies which is specialized in providing complete assistance at various stages of registration with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the food & beverage, for the medical devices, for the cosmetics, for the electronic devices and for the drugs. Ongoing knowledge of regulatory updates, total dedication to customer needs and proximity to the Italian and European territory are our greatest strengths.


All this leads to a considerable saving of time and costs for our business customers!


BYM! is able to provide full support in your international development strategy. Let us handle the management of new international opportunities while you focus on developing and providing high quality products, born from your experience and passion.
Procedures related to the search of a trusted foreign partner, the complex processes related to the international distribution of your products and their storage in international warehouses, customs and languages barriers will no longer be obstacles for your business.


A single point of contact for many opportunities!

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